Opportunity to establish a Boca Tanning Club franchise

Franchise opportunities are now available with Boca Tanning Club across the country. To launch the Boca Tanning Club brand in your market, we need the right people - qualified individuals and groups with the resources, vision, and dedication to excellence necessary to succeed. We invite you to review the extensive information provided about us and the tanning industry, which generates $5 billion each year. If you are interested in a Boca Tanning Club franchise opportunity, please fill out and submit our confidential information request form or call us today for further information.

Own a Boca Tanning Club

You and your organization are always welcome to contact our experienced team. Boca Tanning Club has created a model for success that you can follow. We can assist you with marketing strategies to help your tanning salon business grow. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. See for yourself how Boca Tanning Club is different from other tanning salons.

Start a New Boca Tanning Club

Boca Tanning Club provides our tanning salon franchisees with support and streamlined systems. Our state-of-the-art tanning equipment is kept impeccably clean, and we consistently offer a relaxing environment with a welcoming and knowledgeable staff. We do sunless tanning better at Boca Tanning Club and stay ahead of the tanning salon competition. Our sunless tanning salons provide an above and beyond experience to our clients. Become part of a better tanning salon by becoming a Boca Tanning Club franchisee.

The Boca Tanning Club franchise owners benefit from multiple revenue streams, such as tanning session fees, membership fees, and retail sales. To ensure your tanning salon location reaches its full potential, the Boca Tanning Club team will be with you every step.

Boca Tanning


Boca Tanning Club is an established and distinguished brand. Being a Boca Tanning Club franchisee means becoming part of one of the world's most respected tanning salon brands.


Our tanning salon experience provides excellence at each step and offers superb results for each client. A distinctive experience at Boca Tanning Club reflects the value of a well-done tan and delivers a natural glow quickly. A customized tanning program is designed for each client after an expert assessment.


The equipment used by Boca Tanning Club is the most advanced on the market. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers results, even for the most serious tanning enthusiasts. We understand investing in the latest and highest-quality equipment gives our clients top-notch results and also puts us a step ahead of the competition.


Boca Tanning Club offers customized and proven marketing methods that differentiate us from the competition. Through our partnership with Lead Marketing Strategies, we have taken a full-scale marketing strategy to a new level in the tanning industry.


The Boca Tanning Club franchisee opportunity provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to help people feel better about themselves by having a sunless tanning salon with state-of-the-art equipment, streamlined operations, and exceptional support. Become part of the $5 Billion a year tanning industry by following an uncomplicated, proven system of unending support.

In order to learn more about Boca Tanning Club and see your business grow, fill out an information request form, and a member of our team will contact you.


An industry as competitive as tanning calls for a streamlined system to succeed. For its franchisees and employees, Boca Tanning Club has developed one of the most intensive training programs in the industry. We developed our system to be easy to follow, easy to use, and easy for others to learn. Following systems and procedures ensure your clients have the same positive experience at every Boca Tanning Club.


It's true - location, location, location. Selecting the wrong location can cause a business to fail. However, when choosing the right location, many factors should be considered. First, Boca Tanning Club will carry out a complete demographic analysis of all potential locations. Then, using demographic information and a variety of other factors, we will work with a local commercial real estate partner to identify possible locations for your company.


We have established and experienced relationships with architects, engineers, and contractors, enabling your build-out process to run smoothly. Every step of the way, Boca Tanning Club can help you manage your project. With the selection of a tanning salon site, floor plan design, construction, and equipment installation, you can be confident that your tanning salon franchise will be completed on time and within budget.

About The Tanning Industry

Are you looking for a tanning business opportunity? The tanning industry is a highly competitive business that continues to grow. It is not just a fad and is here to stay. Become part of this 5 billion dollar industry with a tanning salon franchise.

About 28 million people visit sunless tanning salons yearly or 10 percent of the U.S. population. Owning a Boca Tanning Club lets you benefit from being part of a significant and growing industry. Indoor tanning is universal - it appeals to men and women, couples, adults, and teens.

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Boca Tanning Club franchise opportunity!

Whether you are considering converting an existing tanning salon or opening a new tanning salon franchise, Boca Tanning Club will work out all the details and ensure your success.

The Boca Tanning Club franchise opportunity provides an opportunity to help people feel better. Golden, gorgeous tans have been in style for decades because beauty never goes out of style. This is also why the tanning industry is becoming more profitable every year. After all, who doesn't want to look and feel their best? With everyone's busy schedules, tanning salons offers a quick, relaxing, and rejuvenating break and delivers amazing results.

Tanning Salon Franchise FAQs

Can I apply for a tanning salon franchise without prior tanning experience?

Prior tanning industry experience is unnecessary, but we seek tanning salon franchisees with excellent management and customer service skills.

Are there tanning salon franchise opportunities for multiple locations?

Definitely! Having complete control of your territory and being able to open multiple tanning salon locations is part of Boca Tanning Club’s flexibility. In addition, for multiunit Boca Tanning Club franchisees, fees on additional locations are also reduced.

Could you assist me with establishing my vendor relationships and purchasing inventory?

Based on the relationships we’ve built over the past two decades, we firmly believe you will benefit from them. In addition, the Boca Tanning Club team will work hands-on with you to ensure that the inventory purchase is optimized based on our broad experience opening tanning salon franchises in various markets.

Would you be able to help me find the best location for my tanning salon franchise?

We have a lot of information on the demographics of our existing customers. As a result, we know the distance they travel, the household income, and the general location requirements that give you the highest chance of success. Let us know the locations, and we will evaluate them. The final decision regarding the tanning salon franchise location is yours, but we need to have significant input during this process.

Could you help me develop a marketing strategy and plan my grand opening?

Yes. You will be able to enlist our assistance with all aspects of your marketing strategy and grand opening, and we will be at the event. Working together, Boca Tanning Club will develop a customized marketing strategy for your business.

What is your policy regarding social media?

Boca Tanning Club has an extensive social media policy combined with best franchise industry practices. While some tanning salon franchise owners are better suited to monitor and manage their social media presence than others, all social media accounts are monitored and actively maintained at the corporate level. As a result, Boca Tanning Club eliminates confusion and maintains brand consistency across all our clients, regardless of their market. This will be discussed in-depth during training.

Why should I open a Boca Tanning Club franchise?

As an industry leader, our experience and service are unmatched. Our state-of-the-art tanning equipment exceeds even the highest expectations of serious tanning enthusiasts! With our expertise, we can make sure your customers have a fabulous tanning experience.

Founded in 2002, Boca Tanning Club knows how to transfer the systems and principles that have made them successful to your tanning salon franchise. We have spent years streamlining our systems, and our approach to customer service is consistently rated highly by our clients. As a result, our sunless tanning services are second to none. We strive to make our clients feel welcomed and supported in their quest for a golden tan. Our team of professionals works with your staff to create a culture of assistance.

What type of ongoing support does Boca Tanning Club provide?

We provide ongoing support in the areas including training, equipment, reporting, construction, marketing, IT, loss prevention, risk management, and more. Our tanning salon franchise owners receive customized support based on their needs.

Am I required to work in my Boca Tanning Club location?

Boca Tanning Club franchisees are encouraged to live in the area where they are franchising. A knowledgeable operating partner may handle your day-to-day business operations. However, the operator you select must live in the area you plan to develop and must be approved by Boca Tanning Club.

Franchise Disclosure

This tanning salon franchise information for Boca Tanning Club is not intended to be an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is only intended as general information. The offer is made only after receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that has been registered with and approved by the appropriate agency in your state (unless an exemption applies). Boca Tanning Club will not offer you a franchise if you live or wish to acquire a franchise in a state where we have met all pre-sale disclosure requirements in your state.

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