About Us

Boca Tanning Salon is an upscale sunless tanning salon that has revolutionized the tanning industry over the last two decades. Since its beginning in 2002, sunless tanners have become accustomed to being pampered while getting the perfect sunless tans using superior lay down and stand-up Super Beds. Boca Tanning Club uses the most technologically advanced tanning solutions available and provides optimal tans quickly. Sunless tanners prefer the Boca experience because of the beautiful glow and the excellent customer service and sensory experience, including the high-pressure facial lamps, built-in sound system, a/c unit, aromatherapy, and fine mist cooling sprays all featured in the Super Beds.

Our sunless tanning salon provides sunless tanners a pleasant ambiance where sunless tanners get more than a gorgeous sunless tan. Each Boca Tanning Club has a tropical decor with rainforest murals, warm lighting, and spacious lobbies so you can relax and rejuvenate while you get your preferred glow.

When you need more than just a tan, turn to Boca Tanning Club. With twenty years of experience, a cutting-edge sunless tan salon, and Super Beds, we are the trusted tanning partner of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders. You can discover why we are the preferred tanning solution when a tan is more than just a tan. When your appearance matters, and you want to feel great displaying a beautifully bronzed body with the exact tone you desire, turn to Boca for sunless tanning to make it happen!

Get a fast and perfect tan with our Super Beds! Our goal at Boca Tanning Club is to meet everyone's demands and requirements for tans. Miami aesthetics are everything 24/7. Our sunless tan salon understands, and we keep up with that desire! The idea of tanning and looking your most stunning has been elevated to a whole new level with the best sunless tanners.

The ultimate tanning salon in Florida is Boca Tanning Club, which has the most advanced and exclusive line of tanning equipment. As a partner of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders, we ensure you will achieve the best tan every time, without the risk of orangeness. When you need a sunless tan near me and a sunless tan for face, come and let us pamper you just like we do them, and know you can tan with confidence at Boca Tanning Club.

The concept of "smart tanning" pertains to indoor tanning, in which professionals train sunless tanners on how different skin types react to sunlight and how to prevent sunburn outdoors and in the sunless tan salon.

Our Services


Whether you are looking for that just off the beach glow or just a light sun-kissed color, you can count on Boca Tanning Club to give you the perfect color every time. We are the only all super bed tanning salon with state-of-the-art indoor tanning systems.


Premium spray tanning experience. In under 4 minutes you’ll have a beautiful, bronze tan! You’ll receive a streak-free, healthy-looking, natural tan. Long lasting, no odor, no orange, natural and dark sunless tan.


Bronze and beautiful from the comfort of your home. Our tans are customized for your specific skin tone to assure the best possible results. We pay attention to details and make sure your tan comes out flawless each and every time.

What People Are Saying

have been a member since 2013 and just love the place and the staff. The girls are very nice and always greet you with a warm smile when you walk in.

Joe V.

I love this place! Staff is wonderful. Beds are clean and perfect.

Joy H.

Beds and atmosphere are great. Staff is friendly and helpful. Best tanning salon in South Florida by far.

Danielle T.

Everyone at Boca Tanning Club is very knowledgeable and helpful to help you find the best bed and products that will work the best for you. It’s incredibly clean and the beds are all top quality. I had the best experience here and would absolutely go back and recommend to everyone I know.

Sarah K.

Living in South Florida and being pale don’t exactly go hand in hand – When my schedule is too busy for a day at the beach, I make sure to swing by and get a custom airbrush done for instant gratification! I always walk out looking and feeling like a million bucks. The color is perfect, never orange just perfectly tanned.

Brittney S.

Very courteous and helpful staff. They go above and beyond. The staff is what keeps me coming back. Beds are always clean and properly maintained.

Cody D.