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Zurami Pascual, Owner of Boca Tanning Club Brickell, Voted One Of "Mega Successful Women 2024” by Mega TV!


11/17/2023 Tanning Tips

The Radiant Journey of Mobile Spray Tanning

Introduction to Mobile Spray Tanning The Rise of Mobile Spray Tanning The quest for that perfect, sun-kissed glow has evolved significantly over the years, and mobile spray tanning has been at the forefront of this radiant journey. Gone are the days when sunless tanning was confined to salons and spas. Discover mobile spray tanning – […]

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11/09/2023 Tanning Tips

The Lowdown on Tanning Services in Boca Raton Central

Introduction Background on Boca Raton Central Tanning Services Boca Raton Central, with its sunny disposition and beach-loving crowd, has seen a surge in the popularity of tanning services. With the aim to achieve that perfect sun-kissed look, Boca Tanning Club has become a household name. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has positioned them […]

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11/02/2023 Tanning Tips

Ultimate Tips and Essential Benefits for Sunless Tanning Revealed

Introduction The Popularity of Sunless Tanning Sunless tanning benefits have increasingly grown in appeal, with more individuals now opting for a sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of sun exposure. With advancements in tanning formulations and technology, achieving a natural bronze look without stepping outside has never been easier. Boca Tanning Club has become a […]

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What is a tanning salon?

Tanning salons are the go-to spot for many people to get a tan — whether they are spending their days at the beach or by pools in other places. So whether you’ve just stepped out of the pool, are headed to a wedding, or have decided to be more tan this summer, there is no better place than a tanning salon.


The first thing that anyone notices when they walk into a tanning salon is the smell of the fake tan lotion and the fact that people are just getting massages and pedicures in the middle of the day. But since these industry professionals know how to get you looking great, you won’t mind it one bit.

Tanning salons specialize in everything from spray tans for newbies to full body tans for those serious about getting the perfect look. There are also bronzers and sunless tanners available if you’re looking for something different from a spray tan.

There are two basic types of tanning salons: The first type of salon specializes in growing fake or synthetic bronzes — that is, they make fake tans. They use lamps that deliver UV rays and are meant to give you a nice golden glow. The second type specializes in tanning beds, which are simply beds where people lie down while exposed to UV rays.

Why is Boca Tanning Club the best choice for tanning?

In the world of UV and sunless tanning, there is one company that stands tall over the competition, earning customer loyalty and glowing recommendations as it spreads across the nation. This company is the Boca Tanning Club. From UV tanning to spray tanning, our exceptional customer service and top-of-the-line technology has led the Boca Tanning Club to be declared the number one tanning salon in all of Florida since it’s inception in 2002.

When you visit a Boca Tanning Club, you are treated to a tanning experience unlike any other, no matter if you choose our UV tanning or spray tanning services. For UV tanning, we have only Super Beds, which are the most advanced beds in the entire tanning industry. Indeed, one tan in our exclusive Super Beds is equal to four tans at a competitor. Keeping your skin looking beautiful with less exposure time ensures you are beautiful today, tomorrow and beyond. We also offer exceptional UV free spray tanning services, guaranteeing you get the exact tan you desire.

Our innovation is not limited solely to technology, however. Most Boca Tanning Club locations are open extended hours, ensuring that even the most time-pressed individuals have access to a rich, golden tan. When you combine this with our personalized skin assessments, commitment to privacy, exotic rainforest décor and helpful customer service, it is easy to understand why some of our clients travel across town to get a Boca tan.

Boca Tanning is proud to be the Tanning Partner of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.