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It’s your time to shine! Boca Tanning Club offers super beds, airbrush and sunless tanning, sunless spray tanning, mobile spray tanning, and more in Boca Raton – Central, Florida. Let us help you glow. For beautiful skin and a glamorous lifestyle, visit us today.

At  Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton, Central Florida, we provide a hassle-free way of getting the natural-looking color you’ve always wanted. Our sunless tan technicians will give you a beautiful, natural-looking glow just in time for any season. We employ only the highest quality sunless tan products to provide you with the perfect tan skin! Our company has been in business for twenty years and has an excellent reputation throughout Florida. It is our goal to provide you with exceptional service and results.

Visit Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton, Central Florida today and enjoy a relaxing time while you get an airbrush tan, one of the most advanced sunless tanning methods. Our experienced sunless tan technicians will give you a perfectly bronzed and smooth tan that looks like a real suntan without spending time in the sun! You’ll love the way your sunless spray tan or airbrush tan looks! So book your appointment now with our staff if you want to see it yourself!


7050 West Palmetto Park Road
Garden Shops Plaza
Boca Raton, FL 33433
(561) 338-9882

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Monday – Friday: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM – 8PM

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Frequently Asked Questions From Customers Tanning In Boca Raton | Central

What is a Boca Raton Central, Florida tanning club?

Tanning clubs in  Boca Raton Central, Florida, are businesses that offer customers access to tanning beds. In addition, tanning salons often provide other tanning services like sunless spray tanning, tanning pills, and tanning lotions. Boca Tanning Club has Super Beds providing fast tans and superb service, and with over two decades of experience are the chosen sunless tanning salon of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

Reasons why people go to tanning clubs:

There are many reasons why people choose to go to tanning club in Boca Raton, Central Florida.They include: 

  • It’s the simplest and most effective way to get a great tan. 
  • As people gain self-esteem and confidence from looking their best, our gorgeous sunless tans can transform attitudes and days! 
  • A lot of people say that they go to tanning clubs because they want to be toned and fit in all the right places.
  • Sunless tanning makes you look younger and helps you get that youthful glow back.
  • Tanning is a form of entertainment that can be done alone or with friends.
  • Being tan can make you feel more attractive.


The top thing you should look for when choosing a sunless tanning salon is the tanning beds’ cleanliness and equipment. The cleanliness is important because the tanning super bed and the tanning beds in Boca Raton Central, Fl, is the primary tool they are using. You don’t want anything to contaminate the tan. The second important thing is the employees who are giving you the tan. You want a nice tan and to be treated with respect and kindness. Finally, make sure if you sign up, you look at their super bed policies. There should be a guarantee on the tan. The longer the guarantee, the better.

Take note that not all sunless tanning salons are the same! Not all tanning salons are created equal. Some are more luxurious than others, and some are more affordable than others. In addition, some have better customer service than others. 

Why is tanning good at the Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton Central, Florida?

The Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton, Central Florida, is one of the best tanning clubs because we have a lot to offer their customers. We offer airbrush tanning, sunless spray tanning, and more. All the equipment is salon quality and is well-maintained. We employ only the best people and ensure that your visit to the sunless tanning salon is always pleasant and relaxing. We are also very well-known in the Boca Raton Central Florida area, and we have many repeat customers who come to tan with us because they love our services.

Our sunless tanning can help you get a healthy and natural-looking tan. We also are affordable. Our goal is to provide every person with a chance to get a sunless tan. Our sunless tanning salon is committed to excellence and offers our clients the best services at a fair price. Furthermore, our staff is trained to ensure that you are tanning correctly, don’t have any questions, and are completely satisfied. Our team is trained to make sure that your sunless tanning experience is flawless.

How often do tanning customers usually visit Boca Tanning Club Boca Raton Central, Florida, to look fabulous?

Your visits to the sunless tanning salon in Florida depend on what you want to get out of your tanning sessions. If you just want a nice glow, you should tan once a week. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a darker tan, then you should come to the tanning salon every other day. 

If you want a great sunless tan, you should consider Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton Central, Florida. We offer the latest top-notch equipment, and our super beds are always clean. Our staff is friendly and trained to ensure that they give you the tanning experience you want. We also offer a range of services at great prices, so you don’t have to waste time shopping around. Our prices are the best in town, and we know you will be satisfied with our services.

What are some tanning tips for first-time visitors to Boca Tanning Club Boca Raton Central, Florida?

We always want our customers to have the best experience possible, so we want to give you some sunless tanning tips when you come to one of our tanning salons.

  1. Determine the best time for you to tan. Many factors come into play when you determine when you should go tanning.
  2. Know what tanning session is best for you. For example, you can go with tanning sessions requiring you to use tanning super beds, sunless spray tanning, etc. 
  3. Bring a friend. A lot of people come to the sunless tanning salons with a friend to make sure that they are not uncomfortable and that they have a great experience.
  4. Ask questions. We want you to have a great tanning experience. If you have any questions about tanning, we want to ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your tanning session.
  5. Relax and enjoy. Tanning is supposed to be relaxing. Make sure that you are comfortable and have a great time while you are there.

For great sunless tanning experiences, visit Boca Tanning Club in Central Florida!