Boca Tanning Club Spray Tanning

Boca Tanning Club has the perfect solution if you’re concerned about UV burns because of your skin type during tanning.

Our sunless spray tanning offers an alternative to sunbed tanning without exposure to UV light. The spray solution contains DHA, dihydroxyacetone, and anti-aging, skin firming ingredients, which is the main compound that produces a customized bronze glow. Getting the correct 

percentage mixed for you is essential. Our staff is fully trained to provide client consultations with all customers, enabling us to determine the right solution for your skin type and thereby achieving the gorgeous natural glow you desire!

Benefits of Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is quick and simple, provides you with an even application over your entire body, and has long-lasting results without going under a UV light. Boca Tanning Club’s spray tanning solutions are also made of customizable formulas infused with skin-enhancing ingredients, such as antioxidants and herbal extracts for healthier, beautiful skin.