Boca Tanning Club Sunbed Tanning

Don’t have time to sunbathe outdoors? Tanning at Boca Tanning Club helps you develop your desired glow within a short period of time. Our Super Beds are a convenient way to get the tan you need and want all year round. The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders count on Boca Tanning Club for their fast tanning solutions, so should you.

The Boca Tanning Club is dedicated to helping you look and feel good about yourself in preparation for your vacation or simply to relax in the comfort of our luxury sunless tan salon in Florida.

For twenty years, our tanning salons have been providing the perfect UV and sunless tans in an intimate and exclusive haven, offering cutting-edge technologies and the choice of laydown sunbeds or stand-up sunbeds.

Our top-of-line Super Beds provide quick tans that last longer! All of our sunbeds at Boca Tanning are fitted with the most superior quality tanning lamps on the market, which are meticulously maintained. 

Enjoy getting tan and the amazing feeling as you walk out of the salon doors more confident than when you walked in. Instantly boost your self-esteem with a quick, gorgeous tan!

Benefits of Sunbed Tanning

The benefits of tanning go beyond just looking and feeling sexy. Sunbed tanning offers some of the same benefits as the sun but in a controlled environment. Some other benefits include achieving an all-over body tan, (tan naked) and the convenience of tanning in the evenings when the sun is down.