Top 7 Spray Tan Tips and Tricks

Posted On: 09/28/2022
Tanning Tips

The Success Of Sunless Tanning

One method of Sunless tanning is spray tanning. Sunless tanning is applying a product to the skin that creates a faux tan. The tanning product is applied so that it produces a gradual skin color change that mimics the look of a normal sun-kissed complexion.

Over the past few years spray tanning has gained a lot of popularity, with many people opting for a sunless tan instead of going out in the sun and risking damage to their skin. Spray tanning can also help improve skin tone and create an overall bronzed look that makes people feel more confident about themselves.

The success of spray tanning has been attributed to its ease of use and availability in tanning salons and spas worldwide. Sunless tanning allows you to maintain a healthy, natural-looking tan year-round. In addition, it may even help reduce the risk of skin cancer because it does not require UV exposure.

Spray tanning has become an excellent alternative for those looking for an easy way to achieve a tanned appearance without spending hours in the sun. Sunless tanning products are available in different shades, making it possible for anyone to achieve their desired skin tone.

Spray Tanning Benefits for All Skin Types

Sunless tanning is an excellent way for men and women to get their legs, arms, and face tanned without burning themselves. Compared to doing it the traditional way, the spray  tanning process is simple and quick, allowing you to achieve your desired results faster.

It is most effective when used regularly because it allows you to maintain your natural color. By preventing UV damage from happening, it may also help in the fight against skin cancer.

Sunless tanning is suitable for all skin types. Spray tanning is even safe for people with sensitive skin because no harmful UV rays from the sun come through your tanning products.

Whether you want to add color to your face or find a way to give your skin a healthy glow, sunless tanning can help. One of the best benefits you can get from spray tanning is you will not get sunburned.

Sunburns can be painful and leave your skin red and tender. Also, when you get sunburn, your body produces more melanin, which causes hyperpigmentation. This can cause visible dark spots on the skin. Sunless tanning does not burn the skin because it does not use UV radiation from the sun; it uses other light sources such as lamps and LED lights. This reduces any chance of burning or tanning effects on your skin.

Boca Tanning Club offers a wide range of tanning products and services. We can assist you in finding the ideal tanning product for your skin type because our staff is highly trained in the use of various skin care techniques. We will also share with you some of our spray tan tips and tricks. 

Top Seven Spray Tan Tips and Tricks

Here are seven of our best spray tan tips and tricks to assist you in making a decision. 

1. Get a free consultation. A spray tan is not something that should be rushed into. However, it is one of the few things in life where you can see results before investing your money and time. Therefore, before choosing a package, we always advise scheduling a free tanning consultation so that we can go through all of your tanning options and address any questions you might have.

2. Choose a natural-looking tan. Spray tanning is a great way to achieve THE perfect tan. At Boca Tanning Club, we have options for everyone, from those who want a deep, dark bronze to those who prefer a more natural-looking glow. 

3. Pay attention to the color guide used for your spray tan. For example, some tanning salons use a color guide with a golden undertone, which can have an orange effect on your skin.

4. Spray tans provide an even application of the product. Do not have any lotions or other products on your skin to avoid streaks and splotches.

5. Ask what type of tanning solution is being used by the technician before they begin applying it to you; there are many different solutions available today that provide different results, such as darkening or brightening your complexion.

6. Do not forget to moisturize. After your spray tan has dried, moisturize well with lotion or oil within 24 hours of applying it so that you do not dry out or get chafing from clothing rubbing against newly exfoliated skin.

7. Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing until your spray tan has thoroughly dried. If you have any questions about how long it will take for your skin to dry, ask the technician before you leave the salon.

Anyone looking for a safe, reliable tanning salon should make time to stop at Boca Tanning Club. Our staff offers unparalleled customer service, and they will help you find the right indoor tanning solution to fit your needs. Whether you need a basic tanning salon membership or something more specialized, this is the only place you will need to visit.

Come visit Boca Tanning Club or give us a call today to learn more about the tanning services we offer at our tanning salon in Florida.