Halloween 2022 Tips For Indoor Tanning

Posted On: 11/02/2022
Tanning Tips

If you plan on going for an Autumn tan this Halloween, do not worry; we have your back. But first, there are many things to consider when choosing a nearby tanning salon for your next session, but we have found that the most important factor is ensuring you get yourself into the right hands! 

We recommend you book your appointment with a reputable tanning salon that follows industry standards and has proper certifications. To help you find a nearby tanning salon, we put together some indoor tanning tips on how to enjoy your time at an indoor tanning salon every time. Use these indoor tanning tips for a safe, healthy indoor tanning experience.

As you prepare for your first indoor tanning experience, here are some tips that can help keep you safe and healthy:

Before each session at the tanning salon, exfoliate using a gentle cleanser followed by moisturizer. This will help remove the dead skin cells that build up during the day and clog pores. You should also avoid working out vigorously after your tanning session as this can irritate sensitive areas like elbows or knees. Finally, if possible, wait 24 hours before relaxing in front of the TV with a glass of wine!

Prep your skin.

Preparing your skin for your autumn tanning is essential. First, you should exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and make it easier for new ones to form. You should also use a moisturizer after every session and ensure you avoid working out or exercising strenuously (heavy lifting) for at least 48 hours after your session, as this could irritate the skin.

When searching for an indoor tanning salon, there are some things to watch out for: reputable tanning salons will have helpful staff members who know what they are doing. They will not charge too much for their Autumn tan services and should offer the best options in terms of equipment and products.

Lastly, there should not be any weird smells inside their doors!

Exfoliate before every Autumn tan session.

Before you start to tan, it is essential to exfoliate. Exfoliation will aid in getting rid of any dead skin cells and minimize the look of fine lines. It also helps reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation or dark spots from tanners.

To prepare for your session, use a gentle exfoliant like sugar scrubs or buffing cloths that will not irritate sensitive areas like your face or scalp. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts, be sure not to use products with fragrances in them because they can irritate when applied topically!

Avoid working out before and after your Autumn tan session.

You are probably thinking, “Ok, I’m going to work out after my session. It should be fine.” Well, do not do it!

There are a few reasons why you should avoid working out during or after your tanning session. 

First and foremost: sweating can cause your skin to dry out more than usual and make it easier for the UV light to penetrate deeper into the layers of skin you have left on top of yourself. This means that even though you can remove all of your clothing before entering the booth if you sweat a lot while doing so and/or throughout the day-long process that follows, you will develop an uneven tan that will appear as blotchy patches rather than a smooth one-piece coverage.


The importance of moisturizing after tanning is another vital point to remember. Moisturizing helps skin retain its natural moisture and prevents drying out. While some people think lotions with alcohol will help their tans last longer, this is not the case — the chemicals in these products can also break down your body’s collagen and damage your skin cells over time. When choosing a daily moisturizer, look for one with SPF and no fragrance or parabens, as these ingredients may cause allergic reactions or irritation on sensitive skin types like yours!

Lastly, do not forget about sunscreen! It is common knowledge by now, but we know how hard it can sometimes be when we have so much going on. Everyone has been guilty of rushing through morning preparation, let alone remembering to put on sunscreen. Wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ daily is the best way to protect skin from sun damage, even indoors! You can also find other products with higher SPF ratings if needed.

Maintain your Autumn tan.

With proper hydration and moisturizing, you can maintain your Autumn tan. The best way to achieve this is to consume ample water daily. Water will help keep you hydrated and your skin looking fresh. 

While it may be tempting to avoid using a tanning bed this fall, it is important to maintain your tan as long as possible. To do so, keep up with daily moisturizing routines, and do not forget those hard-to-reach places like feet, elbows, and hands. 

Tan with a purpose.

If you want to look good in photos or enjoy that extra boost of confidence before heading out on vacation, it is time to start thinking about what kind of tanning products would suit your needs. Remember: the right tool helps us get the job done efficiently and effectively without causing any damage or harm during application!

Another way to accomplish this is by visiting Boca Tanning Salon. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to get that perfect Autumn tan. We offer a variety of products and services that help you achieve your goals, whether they are immediate or long-term. If you cannot decide which one is right for you, do not hesitate to ask our staff for advice.

Find a reputable tanning salon.

Look for well-maintained facilities and cleanliness. The last thing you want to do is get burned by an untrained or underqualified staff member who has little knowledge of applying tanning lotion correctly and cannot keep the area sanitary. 

You want to look for a tanning salon with experienced staff members because they can tell you how long it takes for your skin color to change during treatment and what body parts need more attention than others.

Avoid paying too much money at any given time! A reputable tanning salon like Boca Tanning Club offers deals and packages to its members. This makes it more affordable to visit the tanning salon often and maintain a healthy tan throughout the year. 

A nearby tanning salon can help you look great for Halloween 2022!

If you are looking for a way to prepare for Halloween, consider getting a custom tan. A tanning salon can help you look great for Halloween and last through the holiday.

If you are concerned about being healthy in the sun or feeling like it might be too much of an effort, consider visiting one of these places:

Get your Autumn tan from the best; drop by Boca Tanning Club today! These are just some of the tanning options available to our customers.  

The key is to remember that tanning = safety. 

To get a great, safe tan, it is best to visit a quality tanning salon that offers a variety of options. A local tanning salon can help you find the perfect product for your skin type and answer any questions about proper tanning techniques.

And remember: always use sunscreen outdoors – even if it is cloudy!

So, if you are looking for the best tanning salon, look no further than Boca Tanning Salon! Book your appointment today!