How long should you wait to shower after tanning

Posted On: 07/27/2022
Tanning Tips

A lot of people feel dirty after tanning, so they shower right after. Others take their time, showering either that night or even a few days later. It is well known that showering right after tanning will do more harm than good because it will strip the tan of its color. There are also several other myths surrounding showering after tanning which are proven to be wrong. We will look at them and see which ones make sense and which ones don’t.

MYTH #1 – Showering right after tanning will wash off your tan

This myth has been around for years, and it is simply not true. The truth is, in order to get a good tan, you have to apply a tanning lotion, which will never wash off your skin. It is absorbed into the skin and will be there for some time. After tanning, you will produce a little bit of sweat, but that’s it. There is no reason to shower right away because water does not affect the tan.

MYTH #2 – Showering right after tanning can cause staining of your skin

This is another myth that has been around for ages. The truth is, showering right after getting a tan will not cause staining of your skin. If you did not shower before tanning, there is a slight chance you might develop a stain, but not when you shower after. That is why some tanning salons offer a lotion after tanning. This lotion will help you keep your tan for a more extended period of time.

MYTH #3 – Showering right after tanning can cause skin problems

Similar to myth #2, this myth has no proven truth behind it. It is not scientifically proven that showering right after tanning can have any negative effect on your skin. There is no reason for you to wait for several hours, or even the next morning, to shower. As long as you do not use a harsh soap or hot water, you can shower as soon as you want. You can also use a mild soap immediately after tanning, as long as it is free of chemicals.

MYTH #4 – Your pores will be open after tanning, and you should not shower

If your pores are open, your skin is absorbing the lotion you applied to it – not a bad thing. Your pores will close if you do not use harsh soaps or cleansers for the rest of the day. You should not worry about showering right after tanning, even if your pores are open.

First Shower

According to the research, most people will take their first shower the same day they decide to tan or sunbathe. As many people claim, it is not necessary to wait for a few days before you take your first shower. Waiting for a few days will not make a difference. It is not like when you go swimming.

The opposite is true – the longer you wait, the more harmful it will be to your skin. If you wait a few days before you take your first shower, your pores will be open, causing more harm to your skin.

If you decide to take a shower the day you decide to tan, you will have no troubles with irritation. Many people do it, and it is always safe. The only problem with this is that some people takeer right after tanning because they do not want to sweat or because the tanning lotion they use has a very strong smell.

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