What to wear to a tanning salon

Posted On: 05/24/2022
Tanning Tips

Are you considering getting some sunless tanning done? There are some important things to note about sunless tanning salons that you might not have thought about:

What to wear before sunless tanning

Wear loose-fitting clothes

The first thing you should do when heading out to get a tan in a sunless tanning salon is to make sure you wear loose-fitting clothing. This is because the sunless spray tan will be applied evenly, making sure that it goes on evenly and you don’t end up with a patchy finish or uneven color.

Wear loose-fitting clothes that are still comfortable, as it is better to move around freely than to be too constricted when getting the treatment applied. It is also worth considering bringing some loose bra or vest tops with you, as the underarms often get a bit blotchy when applying the tan.

Not your best underwear

It is also worth remembering not to wear your best underwear, as the tan can often stain and can take a long time to come out of some fabrics, even after you have had it washed. It is also worth not wearing underwear that is sheer or has lace detail, as the tan will come out of those fabrics too easily.

Wear shoes you can slip on and off

The next thing you should remember when heading to the sunless tan salon is to wear shoes that slip on and off easily. This will help you to avoid getting the tan on your feet.

It is worth noting that the tan can also stain a pair of flip-flops, so it is worth bringing a pair of flip-flops that are not your best ones so that you don’t end up with horrible tan-stained flip-flops that you can no longer wear.

Don’t wear makeup or lotion to the sunless tanning salon

This is another important thing to bear in mind, as some lotions can cause the sunless tan to wash off prematurely, as well as getting rid of the tan on your skin too fast. Also, your skin needs to be as clean and fresh as possible, as this will prevent the tan from staining and help it last longer.

The tan will also go on more evenly if you have no makeup on, so it is always worth going to the salon with a fresh face.

No Jewelry

It is also worth considering what jewelry you wear to the tanning salon. At a minimum, you should remove rings and any other jewelry that you don’t want to be tan. It is also worth making sure that it is secure so that it doesn’t fall off or get caught on something.

Just be sure that you have the jewelry with you so you can put them back on at the end of the sunless tanning session. You should also be aware that the tan will be able to stain your jewelry, so it is a good idea to take your rings off when you get to the salon and leave them at home until they have been washed.

No Eyelashes and contacts

Removing your eyelashes and any contact lenses when getting a tan is also important. If you decide to leave the contact lens in, the tan can dry inside the lens and cause a lot of irritation.

Removing your contact lenses before getting ın the tanning bed is also important. It is usually not possible to leave the contact lens in, and if you try, you could get a lot of irritation and even an eye infection.

What to wear after sunless tanning

If you decide to get a tan in a sunless tanning salon, it is always worth knowing what to wear after you have gotten your tan. This is because the tan can often stain clothing, especially if it is red. So it is worth knowing what to wear after tanning.

Loose clothing

There are some loose clothing that is good to wear after tanning. This is because it is vital to be able to wear clothing that will allow you to move around freely, as you need to be able to shower after you have gotten your tan.

You should also be aware that this is the kind of clothing that will hide any discoloration that might appear after tanning.

The best clothing to wear after tanning is looser clothing that covers your skin as well as leggings. It is also a good idea to wear footwear that can be easily slipped on and off.

This is because you will need to be able to slip them on when you go to shower after tanning.

It is also important to wear clothing that is easy to wash, as you will need to get it washed after you have gotten a tan.

Dark clothing

You should also be aware that wearing dark clothing is a good idea. This is ın order to cover up any stains that might appear on your clothing. It is also a good idea not to wear any bright colors, as the tan can often appear on bright colors.

It is also important to realize that the tan will come off on your skin, so it is a good idea to wear clothing that will hide any tan stains. 


With all of the options available, figuring out what to wear to a sunless tanning salon can be one of the most difficult aspects of getting tanning services. There are so many options, from designer bathing suits to casual tanks and shorts, that it may seem overwhelming. The good news is that it really doesn’t matter much if you arrive at the sunless tanning salon wearing your nicest clothes or your favorite old yoga pants, but there are things to keep in mind. Of course, you want to be comfortable inside the tanning bed, but you also don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed when you show up for your afternoon appointment.

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