Why do people use tanning salons?

Posted On: 05/20/2022
Tanning Tips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either thinking of using a Super Bed, or have heard some of the facts and myths about tanning and are wondering if it’s even worth getting a sunless tan in the Super Beds. Maybe you’ve been using Super Beds for awhile, but decided to do a little research to find websites that tell you more about why people use sunless tanning salons.

1. A Nice Tan Color

The nice tan color you get from a Super Bed is caused by an increase of melanin in the skin. This darkening of the skin is caused by UV rays, which are responsible for the sun tan. Our state-of-the-art Super Beds provide ultimately quick tanning so you can look your best with the perfect tan.

2. Deepen Their Existing Tan

Many times people use tanning beds to deepen their existing tans. Some of these people have a nice sun tan, but they feel they could use a little more color. For example, if you have a light skin tone you will naturally have a lighter tan before using a tanning bed. The light skin tone will give you a natural tan, but if you wish it was a little darker, then a Super Bed will certainly make it darker.

3. Even Out Their Skin Tone

Even people with uneven skin tones may use tanning super beds to make their skin dark like the rest of their skin. For example, people who have pale skin and darker skin in the same area may use tanning beds to even out the skin tone. People with darker spots on their face may also use Super Beds to even out the spotty skin.

4. Create A Base Tan

Many people use super beds to get a base tan before getting a sun tan. Before you go to a sunny place in the summer, you should get a base tan in the tanning bed. This will prepare your body for the sun, and also protect your skin.

5. Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

Some people also use tanning beds to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For example, women with cellulite may use super beds to reduce the appearance of fat. Cellulite is the build up of time of fat and skin, so by building up your skin with a tan, it may reduce the appearance of the fat layer underneath. Although it doesn’t necessarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, it may make the fat layer appear less noticeable.

6. Bronzed Skin Makes Them Look Younger

Many people also use super beds after a facial in order to make their skin appear more youthful. A tan face is a healthy looking face, and it’s always a good thing to our best. Also, a tan face will make you appear younger because a tan makes the skin look smooth and even.

7. A Tan Makes Them Look Fit

A tan also makes you look fit, so if you keep using tanning super beds you may actually look fit even though you may be a little overweight. For example, if you’re a little overweight but have a nice tan, you’ll appear skinnier. Or if you don’t workout, but have a nice tan, people may think that you exercise and are actually in good shape.

8. Boost your confidence

Many people who use super beds enjoy the entire experience with sound, aromatherapy, the mist and more. When they are finished, they are relaxed and know they look better with their desired fast tan. Many sun tanners find their confidence boosted after tanning in the Super Bed.


The use of sunless tanning salons is such a popular form of cosmetic beauty treatment that there are now over 30,000 tanning salons in the United States. From these 30,000 salons, more than eight million customers visit each year. This translates to more than 18 million individual visits. The revenue generated from these sun tanners exceeds $1.5 billion per year. Based on these statistics, the use of sunless tanning salons is a big business in the United States.

People go to sunless tanning salons for a number of reasons. They know going to a sunless tanning salon frequently and getting a fast tan in a Super Bed will help them achieve and maintain a perfect tan. Some of those who use sunless tanning salons have done so consistently since they were young, while others may have turned to them after years of relying on sun beds in an attempt to convert their skin’s complexion from pale to a golden glow. Sunless tanning salons play a significant role in America’s beauty and fashion industry.

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